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The Observatory and 19.2 inch (0.5m) Reflector Telescope at Torquay Boys' Grammar School

The Torbay Observatory
19" Telescope

The observatory's first major refit since its opening in 1989 was completed in 2001. This included the rebuilding of the top end of the 50cm telescope by Ian Walsh. This has much improved the positioning of the focusers, and a top quality Crayford focuser has been added which will make photography considerably easier.

Three pictures of the re-built scope .. 1, 2, 3.

The observatory now features a refracting telescope fitted with a narrow band interference filter to observe the Sun in hydrogen-alpha light. The very narrow bandwidth (1.5 angstroms, less than 1/2500 of the visible spectrum) allows one to see normally invisible features including solar prominences and flares. The instrument was set up over the Christmas period and initial trials have given excellent views of some spectacular prominences, some of them very active such as those pictured in the solar section.